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Interview with Ambassador Eoin O'Leary



1.What is your overall review of BDIC from the past activities?

We are delighted of BDIC has a strong partnership with UCD. Students are able to receive both degrees from the both of the universities. I think this is the future in the modern globalized economy. People need to have globalized experience. We would like to have more and more students from BDIC to come to Ireland. Ireland has a great policy for the international students for the ones that want to have international study and work experience. For graduate students study in Ireland, after completion on their study, you can apply for work visa that up to 2 years. For undergraduate students upon completion of their study, they can apply a 1-year work visa before coming home. 


2.What is the meaning of today’s  River Dance cultural activities?

River Dance is an amazing phenomenon. It is a wonderful way to display the Irish culture. It shows our history and the Irish people interacting with the world. It is a great honor to have everyone here at the embassy today.


3.What do you think of the popularity of the Irish culture nowadays in China comparing to a few years ago?

We were very happy that Mr. Gao Xiaosong did a series of morning call program on Ireland. It really helped the Chinese people to get to know and understand the Irish culture better. Ireland has an ancient culture just like China. In addition, for shows like the River Dance are fantastic and it can truly bring the two different cultures together.


4.What are some of the other activities that will be hosted in the Irish Embassy in the near future?

We host all every type of activity at the embassy. Such as education events, business events, culture events, we also go to world fairs around China. The purpose of these events is to help people to get to know more about the Irish Culture.