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Checklist 3 Visa Centre Application (financial requirements)


1. Evidence of health insurance for time in Ireland (Must cover you for in hospital treatment in Ireland up to €25,000.  Can be purchased in China.  Can also be purchased from 
for €120)


2. Certified translation of evidence of health insurance (not necessary if health insurance is purchased from )

3. Proof of relationship to your sponsor/s (a sponsor is the person who is paying for you to study and live in Ireland.  Usually your Hukou can prove this.  If not, you can use your birth certificate.  If neither of these options can prove your relationship, please contact Daniel and Selina to explain why)

4. Certified translation of proof of relationship to your sponsor/s ☐

5. Each of your sponsors must provide a letter from their employer ☐

The letter should be on company headed paper with the company's address and contact details. The letters must include the following:

Place of employment

Address of work unit / company

Type of business

                       Position held

                       Length of employment in this company

Annual salary including bonus

Contact phone number for employer

6. Certified translations of letters from sponsors’ employers ☐

7. Receipt showing that you have paid tuition fees and accommodation fees for the pre-sessional programme (you will get this from BDIC after you have paid)☐

8. Receipt showing that you have paid €6,000 or more of your UCD stage 4 fees (we recommend that you pay the full €10,200 if possible).  We also strongly recommend that you pay using the UCD pay to study website

Note: if you are going to UCD as an exchange student, you do not need to pay any tuition fees to UCD and you do not need to show evidence of paying fees to BDIC/BJUT.☐

9. Certified translation of receipt showing that you have paid €6,000 or more of your UCD stage 4 fees (Note: this is not required if you use the UCD pay to study website to pay your fees or if you are an exchange student)☐

10. Sponsor’s financial records (i.e. bank statements and/or savings records) from the past six months showing that they have enough money to pay the remaining UCD tuition fees (this only applies if you have not paid the full €10,200 UCD tuition fee (i.e. if you have only paid €6,000)) and €7,000 to support your living expenses in Ireland.  This money does not need to be in euros, it can be in RMB.  If your sponsor needs to add a ‘lump sum’ (i.e. large amount of money) to their bank account in order to show that they have enough money to support your living expenses and pay remaining fees, they must provide evidence of where the ‘lump sum’ came from (i.e. if they sold some shares, they must show a receipt for this) (Note: even if all of the money comes from the sale of shares, six months bank records are still required).  If you have any questions about this, please contact Selina and Daniel☐

11. Certified translations of all financial documents in point 10 (unless they are already in English – many Chinese banks can give you a bank statement that is in both Chinese and English)☐