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Short Stay Visit Visa - College Students

  • Passport, including a photocopy of bio page, all visas and all stamps.
  • Previous passport, including a photocopy of bio page, all visas and all stamps.
  • Signed summary of your on-line application form.
  • Application fee.
  • 2 passport sized photos with white background, taken in the past six months.
  • Full copy of your family hukou.
  • A letter from your college in China listing students’ names, their course name and the nature and duration of their proposed visit. The letter should confirm whether the college will be supporting the applicant financially and include the contact details of the school, the position and telephone number of the person who signed the letter.
  • Students should be registered on Applicant’s on-line verification report (教育部学籍在线验证报告) should be provided.
  • A letter from UCD giving the name of a contact person in UCD and a list of the students due to attend. This letter should detail the nature and duration of the proposed visit and state who will bear responsibility for the applicant's accommodation and maintenance costs while in Ireland.
  • Evidence of travel/medical insurance cover for the duration of your stay.
  • An original and a copy of bank savings certificate held by your mother or father to show sufficient funds to cover other costs/expenses in Ireland.


Please note: Any document submitted in Chinese, must be accompanied by an English translation. If you submit any original documents that you would like returned to you, please submit a list of these and provide a copy of those documents. Otherwise we will assume that you do not require the original document to be returned to you.