David Hallett

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Name: David Hallett

Title: Senior Teacher

Modules: Academic English Writing, Academic English Speaking, IELTS Writing Preparation, IELTS Speaking Preparation

Email: david.hallett@ucd.ie

Phone: 010-67392394


David Hallett was born in Toronto Canada and holds a PhD in Hermeneutics (Literary Theory). He has been involved in university education since 1995 and has been teaching at Beijing University of Technology since 2000. Having taught classes for the Economy and Management School and the Foreign Language College, he began teaching at BDIC in 2014. He has been honoured with several awards during his time at BJUT including the Great Wall Friendship Award (2001), the Favourite Teacher Award (2001, 2002, 2005, 2018), and the Internationalization Advancement Award (2012).

In his free time, he enjoys watching films and feverishly supporting the Boston Red Sox.

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