Jiwei Xu

发布时间:2022-04-07 13:17:16

Dr Jiwei Xu, who got his B.Eng and M.Sc from Wuhan University and PhD from the Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences(ISCAS), is now a Lecturer of BDIC. He worked as an assistant researcher in ISCAS and postdoc researcher in UCD. His research interests include distributed computing, cloud computing, software engineering, artificial intelligence etc. He has published more than 20 papers in various conferences and journals, including Future Generation Computer Systems, Journals of Systems and Software, etc. He presided over a Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and a sub-project of the National Key Research and Development Program.

徐继伟博士,武汉大学工学学士、硕士,中国科学院软件研究所博士,现任BDIC讲师。 曾任中科院软件所助理研究员、UCD博士后研究员。 研究兴趣包括分布式计算、云计算、软件工程、人工智能等。在Future Generation Computer Systems、Journal of Systems and Software等各类学术会议和期刊上发表论文20余篇。主持过国家自然科学基金青年基金项目一项、国家重点研发计划子课题一项。

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